Junior Bison

This needs to be completed ASAP!!!

To participate in wrestling, All items must be completed in order to participate in a sport. IF you have played a fall sport, only #2 and #4 need to be completed before you can participate.

  1. Registration with CHSAA
    • Create account by texting S41007 to 69274
    • Create an account at ArbiterAthlete click on new to "Sign Up" under "New to ArbiterAthlete?" to begin
  2. Registration with School
    • Create an account at Vista Peak RS click on athletic team registration
    • You will receive a confirmation email to complete your registration
  3. Updted Physicals Turned Into Athletic Office
    • Scanned and emailed to klarlt@aurorak12.org or
    • Hand in a Hard Copy (will be returned immediately) or
    • Upload file to Vista Peak RS (site in #2)
  4. Athletic Fee of $65 Per Season
    • Paid at registration (7/26 or 7/27)
    • Paid to Athletic Office
    • Paid to Bookkeeper


Junior Bison

Junior Bison Wrestling!

We are excited to announce that the Junior Bison program will be back this year and will be partnering with the Bison Wrestling Club. First practices start October 30th 5:30 PM in the NEW Wrestling Room.

If you have any quetions please visit our page for more details.


Junior Bison

Future Bison Wrestlers!

All students interested in wrestling should be at the wrestling room on Thursday at 6 pm to be sized for uniforms (regardless of custom or not) and that parents are encouraged to attend as well for information concerning the Bison Wrestling Club booster program. Also, those playing other sports please come over as soon as they are complete that evening.

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